Introducing our 


In three, three monthly intervals, you will receive all the fabric and patterns you need to make your own version of our beautiful Mystery Quilt!

There are four different colour palettes for you to choose from.  No one else’s quilt will be exactly the same as yours because of the different fabrics and your individual decisions as you cut and sew!

Payment will be in three instalments, the first when you sign up and the following two at three monthly intervals.  There will be no additional postage or packing charges.

You will then have a choice of two different sized quilts to make.


A lap sized 60” x 60” to be paid for in three instalments of £45 and

a double sized 84” x 84” to be paid for in three instalments of £60.


Warm                     Cool                    Hot                    Country


Please note, the fabrics shown will not necessarily be in your Package.  They are a guide only.

This Mystery Package will be available from September 2016 onwards.

Sign up now to reserve your place.








Dutch Chintz                sold out

73” x 73” approx

8 Months at £18.95/month

Cream and Sugar

42” x 48”

10 months at £15.50/month

Civil War Medallion              sold out

78” x 78”

12 months at £18.95/month

Vintage Christmas

53” x 55”

10 months at £15.50/month

A Tisket aTasket

38” x 46”

12 months at £15.50

Autumn House

49” x 57”

10 months at £15.50/month